Thursday, July 14, 2005

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Rick, Jody, Ryan, Austin, Katelyn & Kacie said...

Kevin & Mandy,

What a cutie!! Boy has God blessed Lucy! (and you too!) She is absolutely beautiful. And, I must say...sorry...Mandy and Grandpa...she looks a lot like her Dad! She is precious. Can't wait to get our hands on her. We have driven by a few times and the kids have asked to stop..maybe sometime soon we will do so. Austin can't want to hold her! He LOVES all babies and I am sure he will fall in love with Lucy as well.

God Bless, and have been on our prayer lists.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy..Even though Ive never met you or your parents I feel I know you through my daughter Melissa .. You are so blessed to have such wonderful parents and a loving church family ..this is just to let you know we are praying for you ..You are a miracle and we are praising God for you .The Reids

Marsh said...

that is a beautiful little girl.

Chris Marshall

The McMillans said...


I have this picture on our fridge at home. I love looking at your beautiful face! I'm so glad that you take after me (ha ha).

Love ya!

Aunt Jessica