Tuesday, July 12, 2005


This is the first outfit my dad ever bought for me. He bought it for me a month after he found out I was coming. Translated to English it means “Argentina is in my heart.” He got it while he was on a mission trip in Argentina. He tells me that he can’t wait to take me there on a mission trip.

While he was in Argentina he met a sister in Christ named Mariela Rodriguez. She is one of the administrators at South American Theological Seminary, the wife of the president there, and the mother of two young children. My dad says she glows with the Holy Spirit in a way that he has rarely seen before. He also says that she a bad form of cancer that the doctors say only a miracle will heal. But from what I seen in my life already, our God does miracles. So when you pray for me today, pray for the complete healing of Mariela Rodriguez.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Sara Burke passed this website on to me!!!! I have been praying for you all and just know what perfect parents you must be! I need to swing by and drop of a "little something" for Lucy. The office visits aren't the same without you.....Heyes and I have to read "highlights" all by ourselves!
Love, Heyes, Jen, and Christian

Anonymous said...

Lucy, you just keep getting cuter! I will pray for you, and Mariela. Have a wonderful day, and tell your parents I say hi!

Mandy T.