Saturday, May 29, 2010


On Monday the 24th we had Lucy's annual IEP meeting. Prior to the meeting we sent letters requesting that everyone would attend and that we would be able to have a chance to see the goals ahead of time. That worked out great. We were able to ask our questions and get things ironed out before the meeting.
As we were all standing in the hall waiting for them to clear off a table, and I looked around at all of the professionals who invest their time and knowledge in my daughter and felt very overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude, and maybe a little guilt.
Classroom teacher, Assistant Teacher, Aide, Physical Therapist, PT Assistant, Occupational Therapist, OT Assistant, Speech Therapist, and City School Representative.
The meeting went well. Every party just talked about what a cute little girl Lucy is and how much they have seen her grow this year.
Lucy came with us to the meeting and just sat in a chair and colored and put together puzzles. She would cover her eyes and act shy when she realized we were all talking about her. I felt so proud of her. She's a big girl!
Here's an example of how much she has grown this year. The first picture is a self-portrait from the beginning of the year and the second one is from the end. These were done on her own! That is her name on the bottom of the second one. (the shadow is from the camera- I decided not to mess with doing it again)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

18 Months

This post is a little delayed. Ian turned 18 months on May 7th. I've been waiting to snap a cute picture and to actually have enough mental energy to write him a worthy post. I'm not sure if the second part will ever arrive so I better get on it.
He really is a great little baby. He's talking more and more. The word I hear him say most often, well other than Mommy, is stuck. Which sounds more like guck.
He loves to be rotten. Loves to be chased. He'll sneak something he knows he shouldn't have and then give you that little rotten smile and take off.
He is pretty much refusing to be fed from a spoon unless he is in control. This is an issue for me. I usually wait a while on the self-feeding with utensils because of the mess. The kids often have yogurt for lunch and he won't eat it unless he can feed himself. It starts off with a spoon but that ends up on the floor and the next thing you know his hand is in the bowl and he's painting with the yogurt. So for now I've stopped the yogurt.
He loves to be outside. You will often find him digging in the dirt and putting rocks, sticks, or what ever else he can find in his mouth. I probably say, "Ian, no mouth." 30 times a day.
He still likes to climb and stand on things: the kitchen table, Kevin's desk, the kid's picnic table. He's getting really good at getting down so I'm feeling a little more at ease.
He loves baths, sitting in a lap with a book, dogs, broccoli, cheese, pretzels
He has the sweetest laugh.
I don't ever want to forget these days. Especially since he is our last. I want to bottle up his laugh, smile, and the way he says guck and just keep it forever. I always think I'll remember but they change so fast and it becomes a blur.
Ian I love you. I'm so thankful for you! I hope and pray that we help you enjoy your place as the youngest in our family. My heart is so full!