Monday, July 04, 2005

Little Big Miracles

Last Thursday night my parents broke a part of a machine that I really need. So dad wakes up the next morning to look on the internet to find where we can get a replacement part and he finds a place in Mansfield (35-40 minutes away). He calls to make sure they have the part and they assure him they do. So me and my parents jump in the car to go and get the part.

We get there and we ask for the part and they say, "oh that's the part you want. I don't think we carry that part." Sure enough they would have no reason to carry that part because they don't carry the machines that the part goes to. As we are about to leave the store a little discouraged cause we have no idea where we'll be able to get that part at now, the sales lady says, "oh is this the part you are looking for?"

Somehow the sales lady looked on a random shelf and saw the part that the store really had no business having in stock and it was exactly what we needed. She seemed suprised they had it, but my parents just smiled and made some comments to one another about what a good God we serve. On the way home they talked about how they thought God got the part in that store: Did He make it appear out of the blue while we were standing there. Did He have an angel order a few weeks ago and since no one picked it up did the store put it out for sale? My parents say we will probably never know exactly how God did it, just that He did it. We have a great Father in Heaven who likes to give good gifts!


Anonymous said...

Small miracles are the ones that
surprise us the most. We think
the issue at hand is not that
important, then, He surprises
us with an answer that just doesn't
seem possible like a lunch that
came after asking myself what to
fix for lunch, or a pie that filled
a need when I didn't have time to
bake, or a mitten found and returned with exactly perfect timing, or a man being returned to
health because someone was obedient. We do serve a great and
loving heavenly Father who continually shows us that He cares
and that He knows our every need.

Our Lucy is so precious! I see she
is talking already. What a girl!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I'm left speechless. I love it when He does things like that

Debby said...

Lucy is already learning about God's love and goodness, it's never too early. She is precious.

Renae Schreck said...

Mandy & Kevin,
Lucy is so lucky to have you as parents! She chose you because she knew that you would deeply love her and take care of her for the rest of her life. She is precious!

Anonymous said...

Mandy & Kevin

Enjoy every moment and day of your daughter. My two boys have changed my whole life. Everyday is a differnt but exciting. I love my two boys more than anyone can know. Im sure you guys will do the same. Lucy is very lucky to have 2 parents like you guys. Give her all the love and support she needs. Trust me they need a lot lol. She is very beautiful.

Clint Teresa Cole and Jake