Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Country Club and Zoo Keeper

Recently Simon has noticed the country club that is in our town. We pass it ever day that we drop Lucy off at school. I'm sure it peeks his interest because we can see the pool. By country club standards it's pretty modest, but he's still interested. He has started asking if we can go there. I've been trying to explain that we will probably never go to the country club and have pointed out the community pool which is way cooler. I've tried to explain in many different ways why we will probably never make it to the country club. It's really expensive, it's only for members, it's not for little kids.... None of those seem to help his curiosity. Yesterday he said he was going to start saving his birthday money so that he could go there. I told him he would probably need to save all his b-day money from now until he's 40.
Looks like I'm going to have to just give it to him straight.

We go to the zoo a lot. Both Simon and Ian are really into animals, and on some days Simon wants to be a zoo keeper when he grows up. This morning Simon was watching animal planet and an old episode of the Crocodile Hunter was on. They were showing him at his zoo moving some of the "crocs." While they were watching they saw how he got bit on the arm. It was a pretty minor bit.... for a crocodile. Then Simon announce that he was no longer going to be a zoo keeper. I reminded him he didn't have to work with the crocodiles. He thought the elephants would be safer.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


We wait until the kids turn 5 before they get to choose a sport to try. Simon has chosen soccer and the season has begun. He did so well at his first game. He scored 4 goals, passed the ball, and played his hardest the entire time. I was so proud!!

I also just had to share another Simon story. This is a bike that has been passed through all 3 of our kids. It's awesome! The handle in the back lets you push and steer. Right now we often let Ian ride it through campus because it's easier than trying to get him to stay with us as we walk.

On one of these walks Simon opened the little bucket in the back that often holds, rocks, cars, or sippy cups and noticed this little sign. "Hey Mom, look. It says no bowling pins." Priceless!!!