Monday, July 25, 2005

I love watermellon! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Grandpa and Grammy
love you always and forever. You
are precious.


The McMillans said...
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The McMillans said...

You are too cute! I can't wait to pick all of the seeds out for you.

We love you!!!

Merissa White said...

Hello Lucy,
You are sssssssooooooooo cute! I'm sure tons and tons of people tell you that because it's true. My family and I have not been over to see you yet because we wanted to let your mommy and daddy have a break for all the crazy visits you have had.I hope to see you soon!
Merissa W.

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh!

What an angel! We love you sweet girl!

candy shrimplin said...

Hi Lucy
Candy here and this is so cute and you know your not the only one that loves watermellen. I hope you are having a good summer. Not to much Docs and Nurses all the time.

Anonymous said...

hope you guys don't mind, but this picture is my background. you make beautiful babies.

Elayne said...

What a beautiful baby girl! And what a great website. The girls and I have been enjoying all the pictures and comments. God Bless you both and God Bless Lucy!