Sunday, April 26, 2009

Art Show

Lucy's preschool had an art show on Thursday. Her projects were Mars by using an eyedropper and colored water, and the Northern Lights with melted crayon.
Her class is in a building that holds many different preschool programs. This was a building wide art show. We tried to get her to stand by her art work but she wouldn't do it by herself. It was breath taking walking into the gym and seeing all of the different displays.
The school has also held a math night where we played games and then were giving a packet with all the instructions and manipulatives used to take home. Next month there is a literacy night. I'm so glad they work to include parents. You tell that they value what preschoolers can do.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Clinical Remission

Today we went to Children's to see Dr. Spencer about Lucy's JRA. It was just a check-up but the great news is that he thinks she is almost in clinical remission. Clinical remission means that with meds there would be no signs of her JRA. YEAH! He is hoping that this summer she will be free of signs. He feels that since she is doing so well and it hasn't spread to other joints that she has a good chance of growing out of it.

Right now she gets a shot twice a week. She is taking Enbrel. It has worked well for her but we hate that fact that we have to give her such a powerful drug. Once she reaches clinical remission then the next step is remission. That means we can start cutting back the meds.

She has made such progress with Enbrel. She is running more smoothly and jumping with two feet. I almost forgot that we used to get asked daily why she walked funny. That never happens anymore. I'm sure her Sure Steps have helped too.

I was a good visit today, minus the waiting. Dr. Spencer is so personable. Kevin has a friend who is studying to be a chaplain and he stopped by while we were waiting. The doctor walked in the room and told us he would just be a couple more minutes. Then he introduced himself to Rob. Rob said that in his 11 weeks at the hospital he is only the second doctor to introduce himself.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Fun

Yesterday we had plans to go to the zoo for the Easter celebration but the chance of rain kept us away. The zoo usually closes at 5 and yesterday there was a special event for memembers from 5-8. That's perfect time for us. Everyone is awake and in a good mood.

Instead, we spent the evening with Carey, Ben, Madi, and Luke. We had such a great time. I'm sure the zoo would have been fun but not as relaxing. It's always great to take the kids to a place that's chlid proof and offers a new array of toys. Too bad they live in Columbus!

Today Nana and Papa came up to drop something off and decided to take us to lunch and to the park. As I watched Simon and Lucy run around I was so amazed to how quickly they are growing up and changing. They are kids. I wish I had taken my camera. I need one that I can keep in my car or purse.

The rest of the evening was spent laughing and playing. I love spring. Fresh, New, Warmth.

We usually don't blog much about normal stuff but this "normal" weekend was perfect. I wanted to remember it.

Tomorrow it's off to Grandma Marcum's. The perfect way to top off this weekend!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Name Game

So lately Simon always wants to know what everyone's or everything's name is. I think it started at Nana house with all the Thomas trains and Aunt Jessica and Julian telling him their names.
The other day he brought me his mini toy dinosaurs and asked, "Name, Name?" So I named them. Spike, Pointy, Bill. I guess I wasn't feeling too creative at the time.

Today we were upstairs playing and he brings me a different dinosaur (that also has some spikes like the one I already named Spike) and says "Name, name?" I draw a blank for synonyms for spike so I just say Spike. Then Simon replies, "Spike downstairs." The kids are keeping us on our feet! Luckly Kevin was there and he named him Thorn.