Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simon's First Day

Today is Simon's first day of preschool. He is at a new preschool this year and it's right outside our front door. It will be nice to walk instead of driving across town. Simon was really excited. The only one that cried was Ian. He wanted to stay and see the gold fish. Hopefully I can prove myself as fun as gold fish.

I took Simon to get his haircut before school and he sat and told the the lady that was cutting his hair about how he was going to a new preschool and about how he will miss all his friends and his most favorite teacher, Miss Laura.

I will miss them too!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have read 17 books this summer. I'm a fast reader and I read in stolen moments, while I'm drying my hair or waiting for water to boil. I've also been reading book candy. I have read the entire Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. They were funny and required no thinking. A perfect way to get lost. Once I finished Smokin' Seventeen. I went back to my list of books I want to read. Poisonwood Bible was near the top and in at the library so it was next.

As I've cracked its pages I find my brain waking up and stretching itself around the beautiful language and craft.

You know those weekends when you go to your grandma's house and eat all the junk that you don't keep in your house and it taste so good to just eat candy. Then you go home knowing you need to return to fish, brown rice, and broccoli. At first you might be resistant but then you realize how much better good choices make you feel. Nourishment.

That has been my reading journey this summer. I have read 17 books worth of candy and really enjoyed it ..... but once I started getting lost in the craft of Barbara Kingsolver I realized how much I missed the nourishment that comes from a well written book.

Will I read 18? You better believe it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

No tears for Lucy or myself. She was so excited and as soon as I dropped her off she got right down to playing. When I picked her up at the end of the day she was able to tell me some names of the kids she played with and the title of the book her teacher read to her.

My mom and a friend called me to check up on me after I dropped her off. My lack of tears surprised me too. I think it was because I handed her over to friends. I have worked at that school for 11 years and most of the teachers there have watched her grow. I know that I am putting her into good hands.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buddy Walk

With everything that has be going on we are a little behind on getting our team together for this years Buddy Walk.

When: Sunday, September 18 10:00 am

Where: Crew Stadium

What: The Buddy Walk is a fundraiser for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio and the National Down Syndrome Society. These organizations provide information, education, and support for those with down syndrome and their families. They provide community for individuals and their families.


Who: YOU!

How: You can support us two different ways. You can make a donation to our team or if you would like to join us at the walk you can join our team.

Donation: Go to select donate then donate to a team and our team name is: We Love Lucy.

To Join our team on the day of the walk: Go to, select registration, select resister, you will go though 4 steps on the 3rd step you will be asked if you want to join a team. Join our team: We Love Lucy.

The registration fee for the walk is $21 per person of which $10 is tax-deductible. Your registration fee includes an official 2011 commemorative Columbus Buddy Walk T-shirt. You should resister by September 4 so that you will be guaranteed your shirt size.

Joining our team will also get you in to our exclusive tail gate party that will include food, games, and a meet and greet with Lucy. =)

If we raise $1,500 by August 28th we will get our team name on the back of our shirts. We are cutting it close this year. Don't wait, sign up now!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I like a plan or schedule to follow. I like when my days have a rhythm. The move disrupted my summer flow. We are now back into a lovely rhythm. 3 days a week I begin with a run then after breakfast the TV goes off and we head for a walk around campus. Depending on how well everyone is listening we can often go stroller free! After lunch I try to do some "school work" with Lucy and Simon. Lucy is working on reading and Simon is tuning up his fine motor skills and I try to distract Ian so they can focus. Then we spend the rest of the afternoon playing in the shade of two large trees in the court yard. The kids ride their bikes and play in the pebbles. To add some variety we take tips to Twin Oak or to the Children's Garden. I'm loving our days together. I could stay in the pattern for awhile.

Then I looked at the calendar.

In one week... Lucy starts Kindergarten. I've been so excited for her. She's been in preschool for 3 years and I know she's ready. She is just such an important part of my day and now she'll be gone from this great thing we've got going. I haven't cried about her going until this moment. Our routines will feel off without her.

I'm trusting Mrs. Thrift to create a new rhythm for her. One where she will grow and flourish more than she would here. Books and art and music and play dough and a group of kids, all different, growing and learning together. It's hard to be sad for too long. I'm so hopeful about what this year holds for her. I hold on to that when I feel sad for us left behind.

We will create a new rhythm. One that includes quiet afternoons with just Ian and I.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Update continued...

Final update:

Thankfully July brought some answers. A job came open at MVNU. Kevin applied, interviewed and the job was offered. So instead of moving to Oklahoma or Florida we got to move down the road. We thought about putting our house up for sell but it didn't look good. We found some great renters and have moved on campus to Oakwood Hall. This also has give me the opportunity to resign from teaching and stay at home for these last few years. In some ways the decision was easy and in other ways it was a sacrifice. I truly love teaching and love the job I had.

We've had the normal July celebrations... fireworks, picnics, playing at the park, and trips to the zoo.

Now that we are moved and settled I hope to return to keeping up with the blog.

Today the first group of students are moving back on campus. Soccer players. We've answered questions, handed out bed pegs, and welcomed fresh faces. I'm so excited for each of them.

More to come...


Update continued...

June brought more waiting on the job front... we'll let you know in about 2 weeks turned into 8 weeks.

Lucy graduated from preschool for the 3rd time. Simon has his first preschool graduation. We also learned that Miss Laura will not be returning to their classroom. We have been very blessed to have her has Lucy and Simon's teacher.

We also celebrated Lucy's 6th birthday. Where has time gone. She's 6 can you believe it?


Update continued...

May was when things really began to get moving. Kevin began to feel some direction about his next career step and started applying for Resident Director positions at colleges. He interviewed in Oklahoma and Florida. The waiting game began.

Lucy had her first dance recital. She was so excited she should barely contain herself. She did so well and is a performer at heart. She couldn't wait to get on stage and didn't want to leave when her performance was done.

"Lucy, smile pretty!"


Update continued...

April brought the IEP season and Kindergarten registration. Thankfully we made it though successfully. With only a few rookie mistakes. Lucy will be attending Kindergarten at Twin Oak... her home school. She will be there all day. In our district there is half day K. So for the morning she will have full inclusion and then will receive therapies and some special instruction in the afternoon. We feel so lucky to have her at Twin Oak.

Here are some pics from K registration: She was very impressive!

Such a big school for our little peanut!

Showing off to her OTs and teacher.


It's hard to decide where I should start since its been so long. These last months have been at times overwhelming and our patience was tested. We have finally settled so it's time to share on what's been going on and where we have landed.

At the end of March we found this last minute deal and headed to North Myrtle Beach for Spring Break. We usually vacation at the beach in the summer but we were able to enjoy it more since we didn't have to worry about crowds and sunscreen.