Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Littlest Chirstmas Tree

We've had a busy Christmas break. I came here to blog about our family celebrations but as I was looking through the pictures I noticed I hadn't mentioned Lucy's preschool program.
This year instead of just songs Lucy's class did a little play. One of the teachers read a little story while the class acted out the motions. Guess who was the lead role? Our Lucy. The title of the program was The Littlest Christmas Tree. So, I'm not sure she was cast because of her acting abilities or because she is by far the littlest in her class. Either way she did a great job!
After the program we all went back to the classroom for cookies, punch, and a visit from Santa. Both Simon and Lucy hopped right up on his lap. I was pretty surprised.
More Christmas stories to come...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ian's B-Day Party

This post is about a month late. We celebrated Ian's b-day back in Nov but I haven't down loaded pictures since then. Yikes!
This was a before and after shot of him demolishing his cake. It was quite a sight. Most in attendance thought it was a great baby destroying cake event. I guess he only missed being perfect because the cake didn't end up on his head. I think he enjoyed playing in it more than tasting.
It was a great time and we were so thankful for the family and friends that made the trip. He is such a sweet little boy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Well, there are so many new things to post. I've just taken the time to finally down load some pictures from our camera. Today's post is our tree cutting adventure.

Ever since we've been married we have gone to the Cameron Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our own tree. Once the kids came along, they've joined in on our tradition. This was the first year since they came along that we were stroller free! (Sarah was kind enough to watch Ian for us- it was a little too cold for my baby.) Simon and Lucy spent most of the time chasing each other around. It was great to just let them run.
Every year we think about getting a fir tree but they are about $45-$50 so once again we decided on a spruce. Kevin likes to get the tree as big as possible. Our choice this year is probably one of our smaller ones.
Right now it's in the corner of our living room. Simon and Lucy really got into decorating this year. They both helped. I left the ornaments off the bottom third because I knew Ian would get them. They have slowing migrated their way up the tree. The top half is beautifully decorated.
Now that my Christmas break has officially began I'll try and post some of the things I have miss. Ian's birthday party, hair cuts, and Lucy's preschool program.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Doris Kemp

I met a beautiful woman tonight. She is 87 and has a son with DS. She gave an inspirational speech at a Christmas banquet I went to. Thanks to her and many other parents who fought the schools and those with the power so that our Lucy has so many more doors open for her. Thank you Doris Kemp! I pray that I'm brave enough to continue the fight.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Jennifer has been talking some about "the wonder pill" and things like that on her blog. If there was a pill I could give Lucy that would take away the side effect of DS would I? I would love to save her from the bumps in the road she will have as she grows. Especially as she get older(30s-40s-50s). In all honesty I probably would like to save myself from some of those same bumps too!

Then I think about how on most days I've been able to view our experience as a gift. I've connected with some wonderful people. My eyes have been opened to people who I may have never noticed before. It's really helped to shape my world view.

I've noticed that when given this option some parents would love for their kids to have an easier time but would hate to "change" who they are. That's what I'm wondering about. How much of Lucy's personality is connected to DS? Would she love to sing, dance, and perform just as much if she didn't? Would she not pick on Simon so much? Would she need less guidance when it comes to following my directions. ie "Lucy come back here."

I'm convinced that DS doesn't define who she is. I'm as sure as I can be, that with or without it she would love music, singing, picking on her brothers and ice cream. I'm sure that DS puts a spin on all of these and how they are expressed.

Would I? I don't know. That's a very complicated question.


Our computer seems to be running slower and slower these days and I'm needing it to go faster and faster. Kevin also does a lot of work from home so when I'm ready to post the computer is often busy. I haven't been sticking to my atleast once a week rule.
For Thanksgiving we headed up to Cleveland to gather with Kevin's family. It was such a nice time. Susan, Jose, Austin, and Zach made the trip from Texas to be with us. We were so excited. Especially Ian- it was his first time meeting his aunt, uncle, and cousins. We had a great time and yummy food. We even got to visit the Cleveland Zoo on Thanksgiving day. It was free! I'm sure Grammy enjoyed the lack of distractions while she cooked.