Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day # 7

Here we are in another snow day. I was happy with the 2 hour delay. Don't get me wrong I love being at home with my kids. Especially since I've had to work some full days this week. It's just that we are now 2 days into summer break. Boo hoo.

We have enjoyed these days though. We've made cookies, muffins, built tent after tent after tent. I'm trying to think about what special activity could be on today's agenda. I'm guess more baking and tent building.

In other news, Lucy has had some pretty big breakthroughs lately. For the past couple of months she has pretty much become an independent dresser. She can get everything on from undies to socks. She can even get boats on, if we don't make her wear her braces. She's pretty proud of herself.

She has been potty trained since 3. Most of the success has been because of our potty schedule. She rarely has any accidents. As long as we remember to take her on time. She has never had an accident at school. Her teachers tell us that she tells them when she needs to go. She just never tells us at home. For the past week or two she has started to let us know. She has always been telling us after the fact. She would say "Mommy, wet." Well now, she has been saying, "Mommy, wet" before she goes. We have been going praise crazy when she tells us ahead of time. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we are turning a corner!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Climber

So I've been collecting these pictures for the past couple of weeks. I really wondered if I should even be taking them since this isn't the type of behavior I want to encourage. How could I resist? Ian is such a climber. He loves climbing on things and then standing on them. The Smith's were over for dinner on Tuesday and James said that he thinks Ian will diffently have a career where he climbs and then stands on things. He hates sitting. When he is in a high chair or even a shopping cart he always wants to get up on his knees. This has added to our parental work load!
Right now it's difficult to keep the kids entertained in one room for any extended period of time unless the TV is on. Simon and Lucy want to play games or puzzles but none of those things are possible if Ian is awake. Ian also won't stand for being gated in while others are free. My hope is in the fact this will pass quickly. I maybe be feeling more frustrated the third time around because I feel like I've been in this stage since 2006. Ian is our last, and thought there are many things I will miss about not having anymore babies around. This stage is not one of them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One of the benefits of having our kiddos so close together is that they can all fit in a lap at the same time. There's something so magical about holding all of them.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


The other day it was brought to my attention by Simon the power of labels and parents words. When Simon meets a new adult and we introduce him he often covers his head or hides behind a leg. Countless times we've said, "Oh, he's just a little shy." Harmless right?

We have this book titled "Children Are Like Wet Cement." I've never read it but the person who gave it to us passed on a little piece of wisdom. Children become what we impress upon them. I'm a firm believer in this and try saying things like.. "you are such a good eater... you are so kind to your brother.." and try to avoid comments like, "you are so stubborn."

We were at a friend's house for a party and gathering to pray before dinner. Simon said, "I don't want to go in .. I'm shy." Wait.. how does he know he is shy? Because I've said it about him over and over. I never thought that our comment "Oh, he's a little shy" could end up making him feel like he can't do something. There is nothing wrong with being shy. I just don't want him to decide he is shy because he's heard us tell others.

I think we all have those comments or labels that have stuck with us through the years. Maybe from a parent or teacher. Most likely the adult didn't realize what effect it could have. In my job I think about that all of the time. What comments just come flying out of my mouth that a kid could possible remember forever. Scary!

Simon can still hide behind my leg or cover his head when he meets someone. I just don't need to give it a label.