Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I love my daddy!

I just thought I would take a minute to let you all know what a wonderful dad I have. He has made these last couple of days run so smoothly. My mommy feels so secure knowing that she is leaving me in good hands.
I love when he plays with me and talks to me. I love when he kisses me over and over-except when he doesn't shave. I love when he reads me stories. He takes such good care of me. I'm having so much fun with him I don't even want to nap some days. I've even heard Mommy say how wonderful he is at helping around the house and getting dinner ready. And when Mommy comes home she doesn't have to do anything except love on me. I hope all you other babies are as lucky as I am.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Cold Hard Realities of Life

Life is rough, on the comments page of my last blog I noticed a few advertisements. I guess they call that stuff spam and it not only attacks our email, but also blog comment pages as well. So I had to turn on a feature of my blog that adds one small step to leaving a comment on my page. That way only real live humans can leave comments and not those terrible computer programs that rome blogs endlessly looking for places to leave their advertisements.

But keep leaving comments! Our family loves to read them and see who out their is reading all about my life. In case you don't know how to leave a comment:
1. Click on the comment below a post.
2. Scroll down to below all the comments already posted.
3. Leave a comment.
4. Click anonymous to bypass creating a password and username.
5. Fill in the Word Verification (that's to keep spamers away)
6. Click log in and publish.
6. You're done and then we get to read them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First day alone with dad

Today mommy went back to work, so daddy is staying home with me doing church work while I sleep. I miss mommy a lot already, my sleep patterns are all screwed up cause daddy doesn't understand me like mom, but he's slowly getting it.

He took me on a walk in this carrier thing that is like a bookbag, but you put it on your frontside. He took me during my wake time, but I promptly fell asleep. Then the sun started shinning on my head, so dad had to stop at the Rowlands to get a blanket to shade me from the sun. I like the Rowlands!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

On the hamack with dad. Posted by Picasa

I thought they already took enough pitures of me, but now they found the black and white function on our camera and here come some more pictures.  Posted by Picasa

Mom and dad took me to Mound Builders Park in Newark yesterday. We had lots of fun except of all the ants and daddy longlegs that kept trying to crawl on me. It was a beautiful day! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm growing up!

Yesterday I went to the doctor and he told me I now weigh 10 lbs. 6 ounces and I'm 22 3/4 inches long. Both of those put me in between the 45th and 50th percential for kids my age.

Then a few hours later we went and met my physical therapist and my early intervinsion specialitst (I'm not exactly sure the difference between the two). I will see each one of them once a month for the time being. I liked them a lot and so did my parents.

Tomorrow I go to get my two month shots. No one around my house is very happy about it either.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Mom and Dad sung happy birthday to me today. They say I'm two months old today! They say they couldn't be prouder of me for how far I've come in these last two months. We go to the doctor for my checkup Monday and dad will post my up to date height and weight figures after we get home. Tonight we're going to the Dan Emmitt Music and Arts Festival to celebrate. Dad says he's gonna get one of the two inch thick pork chops, but all I get is milk.

That was all I was going to write today, but dad said I had to put something on here about how good God has been so good to us. He's says as he looks back over the last two months all we can see is God's grace. (Dad's eyes are watering up right now.) He also says he sees God's fingerprints all over me.

Can I tell you why I love my mom? Well, she's just the best. She knows how to get me to sleep, to eat, and to stop crying. She reads me books, sings to me and prays for me all the time. When she comes into the room my face just lights up! I could not have a better mom. Posted by Picasa

I LOVE MY MOM! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 01, 2005

My parent's thoughts...

From Mom and Dad,
In regards to the post a few back about Lucy rolling over we thought we had to add a little bit to it. Our doctor told us that for us to figure out when Lucy should be going through the developmental stages we should take the normal time period they have for a kid without downs and double it. So if a they say a kid without downs should be able to walk between a year to a year and a half of age we should expect Lucy to be able to walk between two and three years of age.
Well Lucy rolled over today at 7 weeks of age and she actually did it yesterday too, but she was on a slightly slanted surface so we didn’t count that. She even tried to role over a few more times today and almost pulled it off. In the book “What to Expect the First Year” it says babies may start rolling over at two months (Lucy’s not there for another week and a half) and they should be doing it by five months. So a kid with downs should be able to role over, according to our doctor, sometime between four and ten months.
We know this doesn’t tell us exactly how the rest of Lucy’s development will go or how smart she will be when she gets older, but it’s so much fun to watch her do at least one thing ahead of schedule and to have that schedule be a “normal” kids schedule she is ahead of.
With all the tears of sadness we cried the first couple weeks of Lucy’s life it’s really nice to be crying some tears of joy and pride. God’s been real good to us. He has done many miracles in Lucy’s life and in her parent’s hearts already. Keep praying and thank you for all the prayers!
Kevin, Mandy, and Lucy

Mom doesn't know dad is putting this picture on the Web, he should know better! This one may get deleted in the not so distant future... Posted by Picasa

Things are looking up! Posted by Picasa

More suprises

Mom went to get her hair cut, so it was just me and dad for a while. Dad thought he would give me so belly time and take some pictures of me. Well I didn't feel like belly time, so I rolled onto my back as dad was taking a picture. Dad was shocked and told me I wasn't suppossed to be doing that when I'm only seven weeks and one day old. I guess I keep suprising people. Dad and mom say they are so very proud of me! Posted by Picasa