Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Littlest Chirstmas Tree

We've had a busy Christmas break. I came here to blog about our family celebrations but as I was looking through the pictures I noticed I hadn't mentioned Lucy's preschool program.
This year instead of just songs Lucy's class did a little play. One of the teachers read a little story while the class acted out the motions. Guess who was the lead role? Our Lucy. The title of the program was The Littlest Christmas Tree. So, I'm not sure she was cast because of her acting abilities or because she is by far the littlest in her class. Either way she did a great job!
After the program we all went back to the classroom for cookies, punch, and a visit from Santa. Both Simon and Lucy hopped right up on his lap. I was pretty surprised.
More Christmas stories to come...

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Rachal said...

Oh I bet you were so proud of Lucy!