Wednesday, January 06, 2010

No Pictures

I have this post all set up and ready with our cute Christmas pictures but for some reason I can't get a picture to up load.

Anyway the newest news in our house is that Lucy had a little mishap on New Year's Eve and we found ourselves in an ER in Chicago.

We had gone to visit our good friends Ben, Carey, Madi, and Luke. We had had a great time. Our kids play so well together. Madi and Lucy would have tea parties and Simon even shared his Cars cars with Luke. We had a crazy lunch at the rain forrest cafe and rode the train into the city.

All four of them were in a bedroom and then we heard a painful cry. Lucy's finger got shut in the closet door. We weren't sure how bad it was and if we needed to go to the ER but the bleeding wasn't stopping so off we went.

After a long wait and x-rays we learned that it wasn't broken but that the nail had just come out of the nail bed and that the doctor would need to do some stitches and try and put the nail back.

Our job was to try and keep her calm. We sang and told stories. Unfortunately because her nail is so small the doc wasn't able to get it back in place. She said that most nails grow back but it's not a guarantee.

I'm a little worried about the nail. It's on her right hand and what if she wants to paint her nails when she gets older? I really hope it grows back.

She has a huge bandage on her hand right now. I'd post a picture but stinkin' blogger.


Rachal said...

Oh poor Lucy!! That must have hurt terribly! I hope it heals fast.

Jennifer said...

Ouch! Poor Lucy! I hoope it heals quickly and she feels better soon.