Thursday, December 03, 2009


Our computer seems to be running slower and slower these days and I'm needing it to go faster and faster. Kevin also does a lot of work from home so when I'm ready to post the computer is often busy. I haven't been sticking to my atleast once a week rule.
For Thanksgiving we headed up to Cleveland to gather with Kevin's family. It was such a nice time. Susan, Jose, Austin, and Zach made the trip from Texas to be with us. We were so excited. Especially Ian- it was his first time meeting his aunt, uncle, and cousins. We had a great time and yummy food. We even got to visit the Cleveland Zoo on Thanksgiving day. It was free! I'm sure Grammy enjoyed the lack of distractions while she cooked.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for coming on Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful time. LeRoy and I are so blessed. We have a wonderful family and it is always such a special time when we can all be together. LeRoy was just saying today how much he misses our
grandkids. Thanks, Mandy, for being such a wonderful daughter-in-law, wife to our son, and mother to Lucy,
Simon and Ian. You are a blessing to us.

Anonymous said...

What -- Buckeye fans?? This family? Noo.... I can't tell.... ;)