Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Well, there are so many new things to post. I've just taken the time to finally down load some pictures from our camera. Today's post is our tree cutting adventure.

Ever since we've been married we have gone to the Cameron Christmas Tree Farm and cut down our own tree. Once the kids came along, they've joined in on our tradition. This was the first year since they came along that we were stroller free! (Sarah was kind enough to watch Ian for us- it was a little too cold for my baby.) Simon and Lucy spent most of the time chasing each other around. It was great to just let them run.
Every year we think about getting a fir tree but they are about $45-$50 so once again we decided on a spruce. Kevin likes to get the tree as big as possible. Our choice this year is probably one of our smaller ones.
Right now it's in the corner of our living room. Simon and Lucy really got into decorating this year. They both helped. I left the ornaments off the bottom third because I knew Ian would get them. They have slowing migrated their way up the tree. The top half is beautifully decorated.
Now that my Christmas break has officially began I'll try and post some of the things I have miss. Ian's birthday party, hair cuts, and Lucy's preschool program.

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Anonymous said...

What great memories you are making as a family! These are the best and last forever.

Love you all,