Thursday, December 03, 2009


Jennifer has been talking some about "the wonder pill" and things like that on her blog. If there was a pill I could give Lucy that would take away the side effect of DS would I? I would love to save her from the bumps in the road she will have as she grows. Especially as she get older(30s-40s-50s). In all honesty I probably would like to save myself from some of those same bumps too!

Then I think about how on most days I've been able to view our experience as a gift. I've connected with some wonderful people. My eyes have been opened to people who I may have never noticed before. It's really helped to shape my world view.

I've noticed that when given this option some parents would love for their kids to have an easier time but would hate to "change" who they are. That's what I'm wondering about. How much of Lucy's personality is connected to DS? Would she love to sing, dance, and perform just as much if she didn't? Would she not pick on Simon so much? Would she need less guidance when it comes to following my directions. ie "Lucy come back here."

I'm convinced that DS doesn't define who she is. I'm as sure as I can be, that with or without it she would love music, singing, picking on her brothers and ice cream. I'm sure that DS puts a spin on all of these and how they are expressed.

Would I? I don't know. That's a very complicated question.


Anonymous said...

LeRoy and I have prayed for Lucy's healing for a couple of years now.
I see how far she has come and I am so grateful for the Lord's hand upon her life. She is a special little girl. But, I, too, wonder about the same things you wonder about. I haven't met all the people you have
through these past 4 1/2 years, but
my whole view of those with special needs has changed. We love our Lucy girl just as she is. We just want so much for her and to make her life as full and beautiful as it can be. I am still going to pray for God to continue to heal her. She is amazing. We love her so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy! I love "checking" up with you and the kids on your blog! The internet is such a great thing when lives are crazy busy, especially with lots of little ones : )

A few weeks ago we were in Indy for missions training and met a great family that has four kids, the oldest with DS. They are headed to Israel to be the first Wesleyan missionaries there. Isn't God good?!

take care! Sarah Schmitz