Friday, December 04, 2009

Doris Kemp

I met a beautiful woman tonight. She is 87 and has a son with DS. She gave an inspirational speech at a Christmas banquet I went to. Thanks to her and many other parents who fought the schools and those with the power so that our Lucy has so many more doors open for her. Thank you Doris Kemp! I pray that I'm brave enough to continue the fight.


Barb said...

Mandy, Mother, Scott and I were so blessed by meeting you and hearing you speak of Lucy. Now we will get to stay acquainted by following your family on this blog. ...and what a precious family you have. God is good! My mother was so humbled when I told her of your comments. To God be the glory..he gives us strength anew each day. Barbara (Doris Kemp's daughter)

Jessica said...

Kevin and Mandy, your little Lucy is so beautiful and what a sweet family . . . just dropped by your blog, it was fun to see how you all are doing . . . I hope your holidays are blessed and full of joy! Best! Jess (Hartzler) Stock