Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Birth-Chapter Two-

I know chapter two is a big jump from the first chapter, but I had to make that jump or there would be like 80 chapters in this story. Anyway, we pick up the story again as Mandy wakes up early on Sunday morning, June 12th. (By the way this is dad talking and unless otherwise noted the “My Birth” stories will be told by me.)
Well Mandy woke up early Sunday morning complaining of back pain. I got real excited and asked if this was it. She said all the books and information sheets we had said it is not real labor if you only feel it in your back and that’s the only place she felt it at. So we got up and went to church where I’m the pastor and Mandy leads the singing.
Needless to say Mandy had a rough time leading the singing that Sunday morning. Whenever she had a contraction while singing she would mess up a bit which I think is pretty normal. After one of the songs she said something along the lines of how thankful she was that she is a part of a church that still accepts you when you make mistakes. The whole time she was saying this I was laughing inside cause I knew those weren’t mistakes she was making, they were contractions she was having.
After church Mandy still wasn’t convinced she was in labor so we went to Taco Bell with Jamie and Amber. Mandy didn’t look to well, but she made it through dinner without letting on to anybody that she was having any problems. We then went home where Mandy did some laundry, packed her bags, and took a short nap. After two phone calls to the hospital and her contractions (still only in her back) getting within two and a half minutes a apart we decided to go to the hospital. The picture on this post was taken just before we left for the hospital.

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