Sunday, September 18, 2005

My BIrth - Chapter Four

Well Mandy got to start pushing and that was exciting! It was a lot better being active working with the contractions then trying to just deal with them, which is what you do until you are fully dilated. I’m not sure how long we were into the pushing process, but along the way the nurse told us we needed to stop pushing because Lucy’s heart rate was dropping. The nurse was calm about it, so we stayed calm, but it did make you a little nervous.
She explained to us that it could be that the cord was wrapped around her neck or it could be nothing. After the heart rate went up again Mandy started pushing again, but every time we started making progress Lucy’s heart rate kept dropping, so we kept taking breaks to get her heart rate up again. To be honest, I (dad) was a bit scared at this point, but I’m pretty good at blocking things out.
After almost two hours of that process repeating itself over and over again the nurse said she thought Lucy was far enough down for the doctor to get her with the forceps. So she left and called the doctor and we knew the time had come for Lucy to join the world.

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