Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Birth - Chapter Seven

Obviously, the shock of finding out your kid might have downs was completely horrible. What made it worse was to then have to go into the waiting room where you just announced the birth of your baby and have to announce that they think Lucy might have downs.
A few minutes later everybody came back into the room and marveled at our precious daughter in such a perfect way. We have the best family in the world and they showed it that night (not to mention every night since). Mandy and I each got to hold her for a couple of minutes and I got to say the first prayer over her young life before having to put her back in the incubator for the rest of the night because of her low body temperature. All we wanted to do was hold her, but for that night we just got to watch and pray.

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Anonymous said...

Grammy hardly slept at all that first night of your life, Lucy.
I was so worried about you and all
the potential problems you could have. But, God is faithful and He
cares for us even in our most difficult times. He has shown His
care for you in so many ways already. Just look how you have
grown. Grandpa and I love you so.