Thursday, September 29, 2005

Go to work with dad day

Dad took me to the library at MVNU with him so he could get some research done. I was hoping for some picture books, but all he read was boring books. He did take me for my first visit to an art gallery while on campus. He took me around so I could see every piece of artwork. My favorite was this one called "712", dad knew it was my favorite cause I made all kinds of cute sounds when I was looking at it. Maybe I'll be artist someday...


Anonymous said...

Well, I found it. As it turns out I dont know how to spell beautiful. This is a really cool site. I like the pictures a lot.

Ben Boquist

Kimberly said...

Lucy, someday, when I live in Ohio again, I'll give you art lessons if you want to learn how to paint or draw.
It will be fun! I can't wait to meet you!