Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wizard of Oz

On Sunday Lucy, Nana, Kelly, Halle, and me went to our local community theater to see the Wizard of Oz. It was amazing. So well done considering it was community theater. Even though the actors were great Lucy's enjoyment was even more fun to watch. She sat in full attention for the entire play. (3 hours) The people in front, behind, and beside us commented on how cute it was watching her enjoy the show. At intermission we almost had tears. She kept signing and saying more, more. We reassured her that it was just a break and that there would be more.

I wonder when she will be on stage? I think she was made to preform. We should get her in dance soon.


Jess said...

I'm so glad that you girls had fun. I love her dress! Looks like another Target purchase :) I wish that I would have gone, but my time with Julian was needed. I had fun on Monday and I'm glad that mom has been able to join us these past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, you are amazing! I'm glad you enjoyed The Wizard of Oz. I can't wait to see you up there on that stage someday. You will WOW us all.

Love you, Sunshine,

ABandCsMom said...

Sounds like you had a good time.