Friday, July 24, 2009


We have searched and searched for sunblock for Lucy. Anytime we put sunblock near her face her eyes turn red, get puffy, and tear up. We have tried many different kinds. Even those that are "tear free" cause tears. She either had to suffer through the tears or we had to not protect her from the sun. We always felt so bad for her when we would go to the zoo or where ever and she was just all red and teary eyed.
Well we have finally found something that works- Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby. We are able to put it on her face and haven't had to worry about it irritating her eyes.
Just thought I would pass this along in case anyone else has a little one who seems to have really sensitive eyes.

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Jennifer said...

We use Neutrogena Sensitive Skin, which it turns out has the same ingredients as this one. We had the same problem with Aidan, along with a rash. The only other one we've found is California Baby (sold at Target). Too bad these sunscreens are so expensive!!