Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 1

Today is our first attempt at getting Simon potty trained. He will be 2 1/2 on July 29th. I would rather wait. It can be such a pain taking kids to public restrooms but he is showing some signs of being ready. We don't have any big trips planned for this week and once August hits I have some things to do at work so this week is it. It's now or wait until I'm on Christmas break.

After the traditional breakfast of mini-wheat's. I rolled up the rug and keep the kids off the carpet. They changed into their clothes. Simon with just a shirt and his underwear. Then I loaded him up on juice and took him to the potty about every five minutes. We went through 3 pairs of underwear until he finally went on his potty. We jumped up and down, gave him some candy, and then he went on the floor.

I laid out a towel and said that I would turn on Cars if he went on the potty and would turn it off if he went on the floor again. That seemed to do the trick. He was even able to initiate going on his own. He went about 3 or 4 more times. This was all before lunch. He had about 3 cups of juice.

Hopefully success is on the horizon.


Anonymous said...

How funny!!! It probably wasn't so funny to your mom, Simon, but Grammy got a kick out of your first day of potty training. Yeah!! for you. You are so cute.

Love you,

Rachal said...

wow! I hope it keeps going well! Judah has shown no signs at fact he resists any attempt at trying out the potty!

Jennifer said...

Ooh, good luck. Potty training is such hard work. I hope it goes quickly for you.

Jess said...

It is good that you can include 2 things that he would do what you wanted for...Cars and a drink! Keep up the good work Sis :)