Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Schedule

Our school district offers summer therapy. So Lucy has the opportunity to continue with one on one OT, PT, and speech. This may sound great but lugging three kids for 3 different half hour appointments in not easy.
Monday- We go to Joanne's (in Dublin- an hour to get there, she spends an hour with her, and then an hour back) The only plus about Mondays is that we often get to meet up with Aunt Jessica for shopping or lunch.
Tuesday- OT 11-11:30
Wednesday - PT 11:30-12
Thursday- Our Day Off!
Friday- Speech 9:30-10
The other day it took us a half hour to get in the car. We arrive and I get out the stroller to load up Ian and which ever kid isn't listening so well that day. (Usually Lucy) Then when we finally make it in the building. (for PT I have to unload the stroller because there are steps and they are just far enough apart that I can't just tip the stroller. Then I put them back in the stroller for the walk to the room.) While Lucy is working with her therapist I try to keep Simon entertained. My neighbor watched him once but her schedule doesn't always allow for that. Plus she has three of her own. (I miss Michaele a whole bunch!)
If I have Simon I can't be in the room for PT or OT. Today we had speech and it worked great with Simon in the room. When I'm not in the room Lucy spends the first 5-10 minutes crying.

So I'm thinking I'm not doing this another week! We'll go to Joanne's on Mondays. The OT let me borrow a scooter board to work on hand and arm strength, I got some 4 piece puzzles, and some silly putty and beads. In PT she's working on jumping, throwing, catching, and those sort or things. I'm thinking that while the boys nap I can have school with Lucy. We can work on our cards from Joanne, and them do some PT and OT activities. Right now she's working on a puzzle. She's gotten three out of the four pieces so far. (by herself)
I think we can still make it to speech since it works for all of us to be in there. Plus communication is so key. The down side of summer speech is that she is working with a different person. Knowing that she was going to be working with Lucy the therapist did stop by and see her in her classroom during preschool.
Within about 5 minutes of today's apt. the therapist looked at me and said she had no idea Lucy talked this much and that she's way beyond what she thought. She had to scrap what she planned for that day. She mentioned that she is pretty quiet in class. Sometimes I wonder if her teachers under estimate her abilities because she's quiet in a group of kids. Most of the time I under estimate her abilities.
As I wrote this she finished 2 puzzles and is now sitting at a table practicing making circles. We better do Ms. Joanne's homework before the boys wake up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mandy,
I love your practical ways. There is only so much one person can do with three little ones. I'm sure it is quite a challenge to manage all you are doing for our Lucy girl. She is amazing and I feel many times that we haven't a clue about all her potential. LeRoy and I continue to pray for her healing in all ways. We love you and appreciate all you're doing to assure that she has the best possible life.