Monday, August 01, 2005

My parent's thoughts...

From Mom and Dad,
In regards to the post a few back about Lucy rolling over we thought we had to add a little bit to it. Our doctor told us that for us to figure out when Lucy should be going through the developmental stages we should take the normal time period they have for a kid without downs and double it. So if a they say a kid without downs should be able to walk between a year to a year and a half of age we should expect Lucy to be able to walk between two and three years of age.
Well Lucy rolled over today at 7 weeks of age and she actually did it yesterday too, but she was on a slightly slanted surface so we didn’t count that. She even tried to role over a few more times today and almost pulled it off. In the book “What to Expect the First Year” it says babies may start rolling over at two months (Lucy’s not there for another week and a half) and they should be doing it by five months. So a kid with downs should be able to role over, according to our doctor, sometime between four and ten months.
We know this doesn’t tell us exactly how the rest of Lucy’s development will go or how smart she will be when she gets older, but it’s so much fun to watch her do at least one thing ahead of schedule and to have that schedule be a “normal” kids schedule she is ahead of.
With all the tears of sadness we cried the first couple weeks of Lucy’s life it’s really nice to be crying some tears of joy and pride. God’s been real good to us. He has done many miracles in Lucy’s life and in her parent’s hearts already. Keep praying and thank you for all the prayers!
Kevin, Mandy, and Lucy


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, this is Andrew Christy and Abby. We just wanted to say hi and tell you how beautiful Lucy is!! We have been travelling to visit family for several weeks and Andrew spoke at a youth camp last week so we haven't been around but we would love to see you guys sometime soon. Sometimes it's nice to get out and see other adults. Plus we'd LOVE for Abby and Lucy to be good friends. :) Ok, I'd better go, but we just wanted to say hi! Our phone number is 392-6868 ext. 4647.

Anonymous said...

uh, that's pretty amazing. even for a baby without down's that is early. lucy you are just a miracle that keeps happening over and over again. thanks for remindidng me of how awesome the God we serve really is.
mandy t.

Kerri said...

Miss Lucy, you are big stuff. It's time to visit with you again. Ask your mom and dad when you can come over and play.
Riley and Trey

The Cameron's said...

That is so Awesome! God is definately good! We can't wait to meet little Lucy! You are always in our thoughts!!!