Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Cold Hard Realities of Life

Life is rough, on the comments page of my last blog I noticed a few advertisements. I guess they call that stuff spam and it not only attacks our email, but also blog comment pages as well. So I had to turn on a feature of my blog that adds one small step to leaving a comment on my page. That way only real live humans can leave comments and not those terrible computer programs that rome blogs endlessly looking for places to leave their advertisements.

But keep leaving comments! Our family loves to read them and see who out their is reading all about my life. In case you don't know how to leave a comment:
1. Click on the comment below a post.
2. Scroll down to below all the comments already posted.
3. Leave a comment.
4. Click anonymous to bypass creating a password and username.
5. Fill in the Word Verification (that's to keep spamers away)
6. Click log in and publish.
6. You're done and then we get to read them.

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Jamie said...

Like this? :-)