Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I thought they already took enough pitures of me, but now they found the black and white function on our camera and here come some more pictures.  Posted by Picasa


The Cameron's said...

She's is so cute! I love the black and white pictures!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. i just think Lucy Kay might be the most precious baby girl i've ever laid eyes on. something inside me just makes me well up with tears when i look at her pictures. i think it's because i know she is going to do amazing things for her Jesus. actually, she already is.

mandy t.

Anonymous said...

Your little girl is beautiful...and I am an expert at beautiful little(and teen) girls! I am so proud of you Mandy for being a great Mommy, just think when I met you, just a kid yourself. You and Kevin are so blessed. One thing I have learned being a mother of 4 is everyone single one of them are different from the other...they are all beautifully unique. Ryan says to have Kevin tell Lucy she is beautiful everyday(or some other boy will). We are so happy for you and I am totally addicted to this blog...keep showing me the pictures...I cant have any more babies, so I live through others!(only the beautiful ones though LOL) Love, Fran Arthur

Anonymous said...

Grammy loves this picture of you.
You are so precious, sunshine girl.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!! I love reading about you guys. When are you guys going to visit Pataskala Nazarene?? : ) Love looking at all the pics - I only have one son and have thousands of pics - you can never have too many! : )

Madonna Davis

js2b said...

Okay, could this picture be any cuter? I haven't talked to you guys in a while but I visit your blog every so often and I loved the whole idea of a blog so now we have one too. So does my sister for her babies. I put you on my link list so everyone can see beautiful Lucy! I love you guys and hope to talk with you soon.
The Burkes

Anonymous said...

This picture is so adorable that I set it as the background on my computer. All the kids in my class say that she is so cute every time that they see the picture and I just tell them that I know it. I love you Lucy and miss you! I can't wait to hold you soon!


Aunt Susie