Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First day alone with dad

Today mommy went back to work, so daddy is staying home with me doing church work while I sleep. I miss mommy a lot already, my sleep patterns are all screwed up cause daddy doesn't understand me like mom, but he's slowly getting it.

He took me on a walk in this carrier thing that is like a bookbag, but you put it on your frontside. He took me during my wake time, but I promptly fell asleep. Then the sun started shinning on my head, so dad had to stop at the Rowlands to get a blanket to shade me from the sun. I like the Rowlands!


The McMillans said...


What a blessing it will be staying home with daddy! I'm sure if Julian knew what he is missing he would jealous. I hope that daddy gets all of his work done. I know that if I was home with you all day I wouldn't get anything done!

Love ya!

Aunt Jessica

Kerri said...

Lucy-good luck breaking daddy in.
Kevin--they always fall asleep in those carrier things. Eric hasn't figured that one out yet either.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Abby and I got to meet you in the library yesterday. You are so cute! Abby says that she is sorry she woke you up from your nap! :)

Christy and Abby

Anonymous said...

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