Sunday, June 19, 2005

Think Lion King. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Lucy, you are a beautiful baby! And your daddy looks very proud!

We haven't met yet, but we will one of these days. I am a member of the same church as your Grandpa and Grandma Peterson. You have been blessed with wonderful, loving grandparents!

All my kids - Jarod, Janet & Brooklynn, Jacob & Amber, and Jaimee & Sam are praying for you and your Daddy and Mommy.

Oh, and don't worry about that straw breaking the camel's back. I'm just sure with God's amazing grace your parents are much stronger than they could ever imagine!!

Hugs until we meet, Lucy!

Judy Hawes

Anonymous said...

Your dad is so silly. He did that to me and my big sister too according to my dad. Looking forward to growing up as great friends.