Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The doctor said the jaundice is all gone, so that is a very good thing. Thank you Jesus!


Anonymous said...

Lucy (said in the cutest way),

Just to let you know I think that we should come up with a shared grandparenting plan. You know, like every other weekend me, you, me you. So, whatcha think? I don't think that nana or pawpaw would go for it either. Those two are the best. You can do whatever you want at their house. It is great! They are my favorite. Pawpaw will take you to the fire station and let you push all the buttons you want on the fire truck. Nana will remember that you like chocolate doughnuts and have them there every time you come. She will even let you eat as many as you want. And the cinnamon rolls are the best! Anyway, with all that said I hope that you know that you have come into the greatest family in the world. I can't wait to share the blue room with you.



mbcook said...

aWW!WW!W!!!!! lucy is THE MOST CUTEST little baby i have ever seen!!! and i havent even actually gotten to see her in person yet! aww man baby girl..i just can not wait to see your smiling little face someday real soon!
love you guys.:0)