Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Back from the doctor's

We just got back from the doctor's. We were suppossed to go tomorrow, but do to a rough night of feeding they squeezed us in today. We now know we have at least three doctors to see: an eye doctor, a cardiologist, and a geneticist. We'll see an eye doctor in town and the other two at Children's in Columbus. The Children's doctors are suppossed to call us to set up an appointment, hopefully they'll be in the next week and hopefully on the same day.

The doctor we saw was really nice today, for starters no heal pricks and then he would apologize every time he made my parents cry. I also gained four ounces (to borrow a phrase from Kelly Smith "Woo Hoo!").

Thanks for all the prayers and encouraging words. Our God is a very good God!

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bridget said...

Kevin and Mandi Lucy is just beautiful. Lee and I are praying for you and Lucy everyday. We can't wait to see her.

Lee and Bridget