Thursday, July 05, 2012

Kindergarten Wrap Up

It's been almost 5 weeks since school let out and I'm finally getting down to posting.
 Right now Lucy is at the table finishing up her "school work." She wrote sentence in her journal and is drawing a picture to go with it. She wrote "I wet to f r s." (I went to fireworks.) In her picture there are blue, red, and yellow fireworks in the sky. She drew green grass and is working on our lawn chairs.  Last summer when we did this. I wrote the sentence and the pictures were mostly scribbles and any old color was used. She is now a writer.
 She can pick up books off her shelf and read the pictures and for some of them read the words. She has been reading her Reading A to Z books that were sent home. She is a reader.
She has grown so much and a lot of it is due to teachers that pushed her and gave her chances to succeed. We are so grateful for Mrs. Thrift and Mrs. Adrian.
On to first grade we go!!!

                                                                       Mrs. Adrian
                                                                     Mrs. Thrift

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