Thursday, February 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Simon!

Of course I have a million excuses on why I haven't been posting. I guess Simon's birthday is a great motivation to get back in it.

Notice how many girls... we need more friends with boys

I can't really believe he is 5. 5 is so big. I'm so proud of Simon. He is such a great kid. He's loving and kind. He is the perfect middle child.

We had a great time celebrating his birthday. One bonus of living on a college campus is that we get to use the facilities during breaks. We were able to have his party in the game room. It's always hard to decide where to have winter birthday parties. We got out the bouncy house, I made some marshmallow shooters out of cups and balloons, and we had a homemade cake and snacks. Now that I'm staying home and we are on a tighter budget I've had to let go of our Pink Cupcake cakes. Thanks to Pintrest I found some great ideas.

All about Simon:

1. My pickiest eater

2. Still loves Thomas and Cars

3. Loves School

4. Hates to clean up and is hard to bribe

5. Loves tortillas with cheese, broccoli, nuggets, and ketchup

6. He's so excited that he is learning to read

7. Finds wonder in the world. (ie... "I can't believe it yesterday I was 4 and today I am 5.")

8. Currently his favorite show is Octonauts.... it changes often

9. Still on the early to bed and early to rise schedule

10. He is just all around awesome!

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