Saturday, February 18, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

For Valentines Day my grandma and grandpa sent each of the kids $5 in a little card. The cash has been burning a hole in their pockets since the day it arrived. Last week while Simon and Lucy were at school I took Ian to spend his money. He knew exactly what he wanted. We went to the Cars section and I showed him the cars he didn't have. He saw what he wanted and picked it without a second thought.
Today I took Simon shopping with me so he could spend his money. It was a totally different experience. He wanted to start off in the Imaginext section. Not much there for $5.
Then it was on to Thomas. I lined up the trains that he didn't have and he looked but was more interested in asking how much the bigger items were. I think he was hoping I would cave and give him some more money. Then he wanted to go check out the Cars. We walked through the same process there. Pointed out the ones we didn't have but he kept eyeing the bigger items... Then he decided he wanted to go to the Lego sections. Same process. "How much is this?" "It's $20. You can choose from these." "How much is this?" and so on. I kept threatening to choose for him or to make him wait if he couldn't decide. We finally made our way back to the Cars aisle and he decided on a car he didn't have.
I can't be too hard on him though because unfortunately I'm more like Simon than Ian. Sorry to my Mom and all my friends who have ever been shopping with me.

I'm always surprised on how different my kids are. Simon takes on the world with a totally different view than Ian.

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