Friday, January 28, 2011


Lucy got sick again last night. Before this winter hit we had been very lucky in the health department. She hasn't had any ear infections or strep, and she would maybe get throw up sick once a year. So far this winter she has had 2 sinus infections, a skin infection cause by the sinus infection, and has been throw up sick 3 times. Then the MRI scare on top of that. Thankfully she is a good patient. I cover the living room in blankets and towels so that clean up is easy in case I don't get to her in time. Her timing for throwing up is very predictable. Last night I was able to listen in her monitor from my room and get to her room in time so that she made it to the trash can. That lead to a much easier clean up and since I didn't have to change sheets and clothes she went right back to sleep. (unfortunately I didn't sleep all that well)
I don't know why she is getting sick so often. The meds she takes for her JRA are immune suppressants and they haven't made that much of a difference before but I'm beginning to wonder if for some reason they are causing her immune system to be extra weak. We are almost to a point where we can stop the meds but she's not quite ready. I wish we could just stop.
I'm feeling more worried for her and really wondering why she is getting sick so often.

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Jess said...

I hate to hear that Lucy has been so sick. I knew that she had been sick, but I never realized that it was more than her sinus infection. Poor thing! There has been a lot of crud going around and I hope that it is not her medicine.