Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last Thursday we made the trip to Children's for Lucy's MRI. So many emotions and nerves go into taking your child into the hospital, handing them over to a doctor, letting them put your child to sleep and you walking away. Considering all of that, we had a very calming experience. The staff and doctors were amazing.
Once we got in the back she changed and then headed to the toy room to pick out a toy. She chose a Snow White puzzle. She didn't want to sit on the bed so we turned on Disney to help. She was really curious about how the sound come out of the hand held speaker.

After doing the puzzle a couple times they came back to get things rolling. Everything went smoothly. When she woke up she was a little weak but returned to normal within an hour or two. We never got a direct answer about when we would hear the results so Kevin called Children's on Monday and a someone let him know exactly what we wanted to hear. Everything was normal. Big sigh of relief! So it looks like that's just the way her eyes are.

We were so proud of her though everything. She was such a good patient and a very cute one!


Jennifer said...

Hooray! Great news!

Mary said...

Wonderful news!