Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time is flying by these days. I'm back to work so I've gotten a little behind on the blog world. This past week we have been getting ready for Lucy to go back to preschool.
She had a doctor's apt. with Dr. Rick. He is an amazing pediatrician. He takes so much time to sit and talk with us to make sure we have all the info and direction we need. We are so lucky to have him close. He is so informed. It's probably because he has 2 children with DS himself. We called and cancelled our yearly at Children's and decided to just see him.
After the doctor's Lucy got shots and a blood draw. Glad that's over!
We also hit the dentist this week. Hopefully some time she will let them get a good look at her teeth. We sat in the chair and her mouth was sealed shut. She didn't want to play with their tools and wasn't up for any of their games. Some fun sunglasses and Kung Fu Panda helped and they at least got to look at her mouth from afar. They should treat her like a princess. She will make some dentist very rich!
Preschool starts Tuesday. I'm nervous about this year. Her teacher will be on maternity leave and we have some things that we want to update on her IEP. I'm not too nervous though. She loves it and is loved on. I'm also excited that our neighbor Ella gets to be in her class. I hope it helps to make Lucy seem more like a 4 year old to her. Kids Lucy's age never seem to treat her like she is a peer. I totally understand. She's tiny and can't quite communicate like they do. Sometimes it's hard to see girls I wish would want to play with her choose to play with Simon.
Good luck to everyone else out there starting school.

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