Saturday, August 08, 2009

Big Girl

We're always trying to encourage Lucy towards independence. We try to give her that nudge or sometimes push that she needs. One area that we just do too much for her is dressing. We are usually in too big of a hurry. She can put pants on and can get most shirts on- when I give her the chance. She can put shoes on as long as they are loose (which most are- skinny feet) or sandals. If she wears her tennis shoes I always put her socks on and the shoes. They are more difficult because of her braces and JRA.
The other day I threw her clothes in the room and started getting Simon dressed. When I turned back to get Lucy ready she had unfolded her socks and put them on all by herself! I was beaming with pride. She was too.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Sunshine! You are continually surprising us. But then
why should we be surprised ...for nothing is impossible with our great and awesome God!

Love you,

Jennifer said...

That's awesome!! I'm pretty sure Aidan is not even close to doing this. But, just like you said, we don't give him enough opportunity to do it sometimes. Way to go, Lucy!!