Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lucy and I love making brownies together. This was when me made them for Ben and Sarah to celebrate the birth of their baby. She does such a good job at helping. She's starting to remember the ingredients and steps on her own. I think the eggs are her favorite part.


Jennifer said...

She looks so happy! I'm glad you enjoyed the Sugardaddy's!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!
so cute! I can tell from her face she loves to bake. Eating is also a great part. Lol.
Hope you guys are doing well. Prayers always for you guys!
Tish, Steve, Jeremiah, Benjamin, Jonathan and Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy!

I remember when your mommy starting helping me in the kitchen. What messes but oh what fun!! I think mamaw has a few memories too. We will tell you all about it sometime.

love, nana