Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This week Lucy and I are on spring break. Over this past weekend Lucy and Simon spent some time with Nana and Papa while Kevin and I went to DC. I had never been and we had such a good time. We're so lucky that Ian is such a good baby. He did so well on our trip. A special thanks to Amber for letting us crash at her place. Lucy and Simon had a great time being spoiled! Simon is still talking about the trains.
Today we went to the zoo. It was the first time we were able to let the kids walk around and not be bound to the stroller. Lucy has finally learned about consequences so she will listen much better than she used to. I was amazed at how well Lucy did walking. Her arthritis is doing so much better. The gorillas are always a favorite. A bonus was that we got to see the zoo keepers feeding the tiger.
Elliot's Nest is one of my favorite blogs. Lucy is about the same age as Aidan and we get to see his parents at many of the DSACO events that we go to. I read her blog today and wanted to shout Amen! I was trying to think about how I could rewrite it over here. I decided just to copy it.
From Elliot's Nest by Jennifer Elliot
Huffington Post
I was reading a story on the Huffington Post about Obama's joke with Jay Leno about the Special Olympics. There was a poll at the bottom, so I voted and was surprised by the results...
Obama’s joke about the Special Olympics was…
Just a light-hearted, self-deprecating comment. Get over it people. 27.54%
Maybe a dumb thing to say, but he didn’t mean it in a mean-spirited way, and it is pretty funny. 26.04%
A tasteless comment that he should not have said, period. 24.92%
Why are we even talking about this? 21.5%
I guess I'm surprised that almost 50% of people don't think this is a big deal at all. Does that mean that almost half of our country thinks it's perfectly fine for the President to ridicule people with disabilities? Perhaps that's not too surprising in a country where 90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted, but I guess I just wish for more for our country, more for Aidan, more for children with disabilities. I hope for a day when Aidan has the same opportunities as everyone else, not just by law, but in people's hearts as well.

Well said.

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Jennifer said...

Hey, thanks!! Pretty sad, isn't it?

I'm so jealous that you guys had a vacation away from your kids. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Scotte and I are hoping for a weekend away before the baby comes.

I hope to see you all soon!