Monday, March 02, 2009

Locker Soccer

Saturday we were able to attend the 3-5 playgroup. We were so excited to finally be able to go.It had been a while since we have been able to make it. We went to an indoor soccer place in Powell called Locker Soccer. It was great. The kids got to play inside a walled in area that had some fake grass so it was kind of soft. They ran around and kicked soccer balls. It was so nice to see some families we hadn't seen in awhile.
They had some organized games planned. When ever the "coach" would call them over Lucy would head right over and sit in the circle. He had them run back and forth from wall to wall. She was able to stay right in the middle of the pack. So often she's heading up the rear. Then he had them stretch. I wish I would've caught it on video. She followed right along. During the actual "games" she just ran around. It was so much fun! I got some pictures but nothing special. It's difficult chasing after two kids holding one and remembering to capture the moment. I guess it was one of the times we just enjoyed the moment. Simon had a great time too. With only a car nap he wanted to follow his own agenda.
Days like these make me wish we lived closer to Columbus. I wish Lucy (and us) could have a chance to interact with our DSACO friends more often. There are also opportunities there that or little town just can't provide.


kerri said...

I wish you had a video to post...too cute!!

Jess said...

I wish you were closer too. That is a great story about Lucy. That stinks that Simon wasn't in a great mood, but I'm glad that you were still able to have a nice time watching her.