Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mommy the Zoo Keeper

Everyone has those toddler talk stories. You know those ones when the family is in the car and the toddler in the back seat says something totally silly. Those things they might say as you are putting them down to bed that make you forget about the mess they made and just ease the stress you have. Times when they are trying to make sence of their world with the vocabulary that they have. Lucy is doing amazing things but I've longed for some of those moments. I remember waiting for her to say "Mommy." I took a litte longer but it came.

Today I talked with her speech therapist and am glad to report that those comments could be right around the corner. During speech she was playing with a plastic hippo and the zoo keeper, who she called Mommy. Mommy fell off the hippo and her therapist told her to tell Mommy to get back on. Lucy came back with a 5 word sentence. A five word sentence! (a rough measurment is one word per year 3 years = three word phrase) Lucy said, "Get on please hippo Mommy." A little out of order- but I do believe that's the cute toddler phrase I've been waiting for.


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Lucy! You are so amazing!
You are one miracle after another
and we thank God for you. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. That's our little sunshine.

Love you,

Jess said...

I love how she has you riding the hippo like a horse. She does a great job at playing and using her imagination. Then telling you to please get back on. That is great! I have a feeling that we will be hearing more silly/cute phrases from her. Love you guys!

Wendy said...

Great news, Mandy!!!!!