Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lost Tooth

I've got some make up post to complete: a lost tooth, dance recital, last day of school, vacation, and a birthday. We'll start off with the lost tooth (I'm avoiding unpacking!)

I was surprised that it happened I thought it would still be awhile before she lost her first tooth. She didn't get any until after she was one. We noticed it was loose and took its time before it fell out but we were all pretty excited when it finally did.
Since then, she has lost 2 more and her big girl teeth are making their way through. She barley had room in her mouth for her baby teeth I can only imagine what will happen has her big teeth come in. She will make some dentist a very wealthy person.
The third tooth was lost on our first week of vacation. I put it in a baggie and we kinda forgot about the whole tooth fairy thing and since she didn't bring it up I thought we would just let it slide. Last night we got home and as I was laying her down she asked for the tooth. I guess in her mind the tooth fairy could only come here to our house. She always amazes me at what she remembers. So this morning instead of her tooth she found a dollar. She asked if we could go to Taco Bell. "Just Mommy and Lucy. No Simon and Ian." I love my girl!!!

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