Wednesday, April 04, 2012


We wait until the kids turn 5 before they get to choose a sport to try. Simon has chosen soccer and the season has begun. He did so well at his first game. He scored 4 goals, passed the ball, and played his hardest the entire time. I was so proud!!

I also just had to share another Simon story. This is a bike that has been passed through all 3 of our kids. It's awesome! The handle in the back lets you push and steer. Right now we often let Ian ride it through campus because it's easier than trying to get him to stay with us as we walk.

On one of these walks Simon opened the little bucket in the back that often holds, rocks, cars, or sippy cups and noticed this little sign. "Hey Mom, look. It says no bowling pins." Priceless!!!

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Jessica McMillan said...

Hilarious! I LOVE the fact that you are posting more. Please get me Simon's soccer schedule. We would love to come and see him play.