Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I like a plan or schedule to follow. I like when my days have a rhythm. The move disrupted my summer flow. We are now back into a lovely rhythm. 3 days a week I begin with a run then after breakfast the TV goes off and we head for a walk around campus. Depending on how well everyone is listening we can often go stroller free! After lunch I try to do some "school work" with Lucy and Simon. Lucy is working on reading and Simon is tuning up his fine motor skills and I try to distract Ian so they can focus. Then we spend the rest of the afternoon playing in the shade of two large trees in the court yard. The kids ride their bikes and play in the pebbles. To add some variety we take tips to Twin Oak or to the Children's Garden. I'm loving our days together. I could stay in the pattern for awhile.

Then I looked at the calendar.

In one week... Lucy starts Kindergarten. I've been so excited for her. She's been in preschool for 3 years and I know she's ready. She is just such an important part of my day and now she'll be gone from this great thing we've got going. I haven't cried about her going until this moment. Our routines will feel off without her.

I'm trusting Mrs. Thrift to create a new rhythm for her. One where she will grow and flourish more than she would here. Books and art and music and play dough and a group of kids, all different, growing and learning together. It's hard to be sad for too long. I'm so hopeful about what this year holds for her. I hold on to that when I feel sad for us left behind.

We will create a new rhythm. One that includes quiet afternoons with just Ian and I.

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