Monday, October 04, 2010


Every week I pile the kids in the van and drive to Columbus so that Lucy can go to her tutor, Ms. Joanne. Ms. Joanne spends her whole week tutoring kids with Down Syndrome and she is quite good at it. What I like about Ms. Joanne so much is that she expects a lot out of Lucy and she gets a lot out of Lucy. Lucy sits in a chair and does work with her for an hour straight without a break and she never complains. She works on reading, math, and other important skills for school. Lucy has accomplished so much we never would have known she was capable of doing if we didn't have Ms. Joanne saying she can do it and then helping her do it.

People with Down Syndrome can do so much... we just need to expect it out of them just like we would expect it out of anyone else.

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