Sunday, October 03, 2010

Cheerleaders say, "Yeah Lucy!"

Wow! What a year at the Buddy Walk this year! It was cold. It was windy. It was rainy. But in so many ways it was the best year yet!
It is hard to describe what is so great about the Buddy Walk. I'm sure many people like different things best, but from this parents perspective it is so wonderful to see so many people celebrating my daughter. They understand how wonderful Lucy is and they see of what great worth and value she is. They see how much she has to offer our world and they want to include her in their lives. Thanks!
When we got home I asked Lucy what she liked best about the Buddy Walk. She said, "Cheerleaders say, 'Yeah Lucy!'" When we actually go on our "walk" around Crew Stadium three group of cheerleaders were stationed in different places cheering the teams on and making up cheers dedicated to each "Buddy." Whenever they cheered for Lucy she would just light up. So thanks to the Cheerleaders from New Albany, Gahanna, and the other High School I just can't remember right now.


Jennifer said...

I loved the cheerleaders this year!! So much fun! I really wish we saw more of you...we were too busy shivering! Let's get together soon!

Anonymous said...

Grammy and Grandpa say, "Yeah, Lucy!"
also. You are quite a girl, Sunshine.

Love you