Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dance Lucy Dance!

Lucy has started dance class. I'm pretty jealous. I love dance but never had the chance to take classes when I was younger. Lucy is so excited that she could jump out of her tights. She's in an explorer class. It covers ballet and tap. We go on Friday afternoons and you should just see her jump when they call her class. She dashes away without a care that I'm not coming along. I wish I could watch her. I can't wait for the recital!


Jessica said...

OK...LOVE IT! I can't wait to watch her dance. Please let me know when the first recital is. Would it be too much if I made a sign? Just asking :o)

It was so nice hanging out with you guys today. Listening to Julian and Lucy laugh together was so awesome.

Anonymous said...

What a girl! I am so excited for you, Sunshine! Grammy wants to be there to see you dance your heart out. You look so cute in your little leotard and tights.
I so wanted to be a dancer when I was a young girl. Of course, there was no money for that, and besides, it wasn't even allowed because of "religion". What a shame! Blessings
on precious,