Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Day Of Preschool

Thursday was Simon's very first day and Lucy's third first day. They are in the same class and so far so good.


Anonymous said...

What cuties! I just love my grandkids. They are so precious.
I can't believe Simon is so big and
so ready for preschool with his sister. I love you, Lucy and Simon.

Jessica said...

I think that you should recreate the hugging picture each year. That would be super cute!

I remember Lucy's first day...well I remember the pictures from it. The book bag looked so big on her. Look at her now! Dave and I were talking on the way home from the reunion about how much she was changing and that it seems like it happened overnight. I know that it didn't and that it has taken a lot of hard work. You guys are doing an awesome job!

I can't believe that it is time for Simon to be going already. Before you know it baby Ian will be going and that will be our last "first day". That makes me sad just thinking about it.

I hope that Simon is enjoying his lunch box and Ian's book :o)